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Baccalaureate Degrees in Anthropology
Anthropology majors at Tulane and Newcomb may graduate with either a BA in Anthropology or a BS in Anthropology, depending upon which set of their college's degree requirements they fulfill.

Anthropology Courses
The subject matter of anthropology is such that most of the curriculum is not an explicitly graded sequence. Few anthropology courses at Tulane have specific prerequisites; exceptions, mostly linguistic courses, are noted in the catalogue. Anthropology major are expected to choose their courses from among all those with numbers less than 7000.

The 6000-level courses are specifically designed for undergraduates as well as graduate students, and anthropology major should choose freely from among these offerings.

Further information is available about the anthropology courses being offered during the current semester.

Requirements for Majoring in Anthropology
Ten courses (excluding writing practica) totaling no fewer than thirty credits of approved course work are required for a major in anthropology. Only one specifically designated course, Anthropology 4060 (Proseminar in Anthropology), is required for majors. In addition, at least one course above the 1000 level must be taken in each of the four subfields of anthropology: sociocultural anthropology, archaeology, biological anthropology, and anthropological linguistics.

Other anthropology courses to satisfy the 30-credit requirement should be chosen in light of the student's specific interests. Students planning graduate work in anthropology should take two semesters of undergraduate statistics, or one semester of graduate statistics, or Anthropology 601 (Anthropological Math). Credit toward an anthropology major may be given, with the approval of the major advisor, for a limited number of courses offered by other departments of the Faculty of the Liberal Arts and Sciences, providing that such courses are directly relevant to anthropology and to the student's specific course of study. This flexibility permits many of the students majoring in anthropology to have double majors and to integrate their study of anthropology with various preprofessional curricula (for example, the premedical requirements). It is not possible to minor in anthropology.

Undergraduate Research in Anthropology
The Department of Anthropology administers the Kenneth J. Opat Fund, reserved for the support of undergraduate research in anthropology. Students majoring in anthropology should ask their advisor about the use of the Opat Fund.

For admissions information, contact Tulane University Undergraduate Admissions.


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